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Timber-concrete composite slabs with SHARK®


The new SHARK® timber-concrete composite slabs lead to quality gains and significant cost reductions in timber construction.

Due to the experimentally tested and optimized geometry of the micro-notches, SHARK® TCC elements feature state-of-the art performance:

  • WITHOUT additional metal parts and thus material costs (for connections) and
  • WITHOUT the installation time for preparations and montage of connectors (dowels/screws) of conventional systems

The new timber-concrete composite SHARK® offers top quality WITHOUT the material cost and WITHOUT the time cost that is required for the connection with conventional TCC systems.

Due to the elimination of metal parts, the timber cross-section can be reduced, as there is a better performance in case of fire.

The high-performance SHARK® connection of Sidler Holz AG offers unique composite performance with minimal material requirements and maximum economy.

The SHARK® technology is the new standard for very stiff and high-performance connectors in timber-concrete. Until now, deep, expensive shear notches were necessary to transfer the shear forces in the composite joint from the concrete to the timber part. SHARK®, the new connection system from Sidler, distributes the required face area over a multitude micro-notches and thus enables the continuous transfer of shear forces.

Similar to ridges on reinforcing steel, the forces are continuously transferred from one component to the other. This avoids stress peaks and eccentricities are virtually eliminated. Due to the low depth of micro-notches, the Brettstapel mass timber element is weakened less than with conventional shear notches. Nevertheless, the joint is as stiff and efficient as a connection made with adhesive. The system was researched together with ETH Zurich and Timber Structures 3.0 AG in a CTI/Innosuisse project and developed to production readiness. Numerous shear tests were used to determine the optimuml micro-notch geometry. For verification, short- and long-term tests were carried out on real 1:1 bending test specimens. Long-term tests are installed on the premises of Sidler Holz AG in Oberlunkhofen, Switzerland and can be visited by appointment.

Delivery: High quality timber elements with ready milled connection for TCC according to plan, directly to construction site.