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The prefabricated Brettstapel elements are suitable as

- floor slabs

  • with lengths up to 13m,
  • with spans up to 7m and
  • for multi-storey and large builings and structures

  as mass timber or timber-concrete composite (TCC) slabs

- mass timber walls

- mass timber roofs

- Special (such as shelters, gates, doors, smaller bridges, footbridges, walls for factory buildings, etc.)


Sidler Holz offers the world novelty, the SHARK® technology, which allows the timber constructors to save time, material and money. As a result, the builder also benefits from top quality at the best price.

The SHARK® TCC system is suitable for both, prefabrication with concreting in the factory or concreting on site.

Brettstapel are available in the quality versions:

- "Non-visible" (Industrie) or "Visible" (Sicht), in which the beautiful wood structure remains visible.
- Doweled adhesive-free mass timber Brettstapel or prefabricated Brettstapel elements for timber concrete composite modules (HBV)
- Floor slabs with your choice of ISO/insulation and acoustic systems

The Brettstapel elements Sidler BST meet all ecological standards. They carry the PEFC label and the production in Oberlunkhofen in Switzerland is FSC certified. The requirements of the operating cost-saving MINERGIE standard can be easily met.

The CO2-neutral raw material wood is largely sourced from the region, which makes a major contribution to the targeted CO2 reduction.

Mass timber allows for a shorter construction time due to quick, less complex assembly and the elimination of drying time. Brettstapel elements are easy to maintain and facilitate later renovations.

Brettstapel slabs, walls and roof constructions are suitable for:

  • residential buildings
  • public buildings, such as schools, administration buildings, workshops, etc.
  • commercial and industrial buildings
  • bridges and footbridges
  • agricultural buildings
  • etc.

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More details (in German) are to be found in the Produkteliste and Technische Daten