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Brettstapel (DLT)

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- Floor slabs

- Walls

- Roofs and special applications of BST

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SidlerBST® Brettsatpel are leading mass timber building components. Sidler Holz AG manufactures the Brettstapel elements according to plan and usually delivers them directly to the construction site for installation.  

The Brettstapel elements offer optimized living climate, sustainable ecology and CO2 reduction, thanks to adhesive-free doweled mass timber modules, manufactured according to plan.


 The Brettstapel element floor slabs, walls and roofs offer sustainable advantages:

  • Very pleasant indoor climate thanks to the optimizing heat and moisture balance of the solid wood.
  • Energy savings/operating costs savings thanks to temperature equalization of about 2 degrees
  • Strong timber-timber connection: Dowel wood without glue (for finger-jointed lengths: minimal), without iron (no nails nor screws)
  • Ecological benefit thanks to CO2 reduction
  • Comfortable, pleasant living environment
  • SidlerBST® Brettstapel Sicht with neat, attractive joint pattern - no plastering required
  • Suitable for multi-storey and large buildings
  • Acoustics, insulation and fire resistance as required, with option for best values in insulation and acoustics
  • Joinery according to plan (if required) and delivery directly to construction site
  • Higher return on investment thanks to cost savings and earlier returns (very fast construction time and savings on infrastructure costs)

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