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Floor slabs with Brettstapel

The Brettstapel mass timber elements offer cost-effective solutions for high-quality floor slabs. With prefabricated Brettstapel elements or Brettstapel concrete-composite slabs, even high requirements for span width, sound insulation or fire safety are met.

Brettstapel mass timber slabs are also very suitable for multi-storey residential, school and commercial buildings, with increased requirements. A distinction is made between the ceiling variants "visible" or industrial (non-visible).

Brettstapel slab "Visible"

The "visible" quality is often selected for Brettstapel slabs. With this quality, the ceiling is already in its final state when installed (does not need to be cladded).

With the homogeneous structure, the visible wooden surface looks attractive and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Brettstapel "visible" ceilings look nice, even and calm, thanks to the fine joint pattern (which is repeated over the entire surface more uniformly than that of other wood surfaces). Surface treatments such as anti-yellowing or light white glaze are applied at the factory or on site.

Brettstapel slab „Industrie“ (non-visible)

For applications with less high requirements in terms of aesthetics, the more cost-effective quality "Industry" (non-visible) can be selected. The result is still a regular, beautiful pattern.