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Timber-concrete composite slabs

Sidler Brettstapel mass timber elements are ideal for timber-concrete composite slabs for multi-story residential buildings, school buildings, commercial buildings and office buildings.


The SHARK® timber-concrete composite floor slabs from Sidler Holz offer unique advantages and also meet increased requirements:

  • large spans
  • increased sound insulation (as required)
  • climate compensation due to the effect of the mass timber Brettstapel
  • fire compartmentation REI 60
  • cost advantages due to elimination of connection material and preparation as well as assembly time before concreting
  • etc.

The SHARK® technology offers unique time-saving TCC construction with minimal manpower and construction infrastructure requirements, as well as revenue benefits through faster construction and occupancy by users.

Large multi-storey buildings are raised in just a few weeks. Work can continue much more quickly on the construction site if prefabricated wood-concrete composite elements with board stack technology have been delivered directly to the building site and installed.

Sidler Holz AG offers timber elements of the best quality including ready milled shear connection system in two variants: conventional shear notches and the new standard in TCC connection technology, the Sidler SHARK®.

The final result with timber-concrete composite (TCC) where the Brettstapel ceiling "visible" (Sicht) was chosen:

Residential and commercial building Mühlebachstrasse 8, Zurich

More pictures: Referenz-Projekte