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Treated Radiata wood instead of tropical wood

The treated Radiata wood available at Sidler Holz AG is the sustainable alternative to tropical wood and other modified woods.

- Premium-advantages

- Terraces, decks, and floors

- Façades, cladding

- Roofs, balconies

- Special

- Reference projects

The Radiata wood is the sustainable alternative to tropical wood that looks good and stays intact for a long time.

Technological refinement

Sustainably treated Sidler Terrace and Façade wood features similar properties to tropical wood through proven treatment, although it regrows much faster (normal softwood-cycle).

Sustainable, high-precision substructure systems from Eurotec®.

Sidler Holz AG, as the Swiss wholesaler, offers leading quality and time-saving substructure systems from Eurotec® for every need.

The craftsmen save time and the builders gain quality, adjustability and sustainability.

References available on request.

Aluminum substructures Eurotec®
System with Eurotec® aluminum system rails and system accessories for every need:

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